How Far in Advance Should I Book a Rental Car?

Rental cars are booked for many reasons. They are commonly seen during special events like weddings, birthday parties, and celebrity events, among many others. Because people have seen value in this process, their demand has gone up these days. It is recommended that a person should book a rental car early in advance if they want to avoid last-minute disappointment.

But how far in advance should this be? Without experience, it might be difficult to know this. Luckily, we have some insightful tips that will help you.

Before Booking a Rental Car

There are a few considerations that a person should make before they book a rental car. Some of them determine the right time to book while others will aid in the process.

  • Confirm the dates when the car is needed – Whether you are booking your car for a wedding or just for weekend use, the dates should be confirmed well. Looking for a car too close to the date of use is risky because you might not get what you want. Again, it is not good to book too far from the date. For many people, anywhere between one month and two weeks in advance is perfect.
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  • Check the season – Festive seasons increase the demand for rental cars. Therefore, you should book your car a month before the said date and secure the booking with a down payment. Again, the biggest mistake a person can make is to look for a rental car when the date is too close.
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  • What car model do you want – Classic cars are rare compared to modern cars. So, if you need the former, it is paramount to book early. According to experts at Milani Exotic Car Rentals, booking these rental cars a month before the date of use of highly recommended.

Benefits of Booking Rental Cars in Advance

To avoid any inconvenience during your wedding or any other event, you should book early and comply with the terms like paying the down payment and insurance. Once this is done, you will get an assurance that you will get a car of your choice to grace your special day.

Some companies give special discounts to “early birds.” Usually, they will give a time limit for the discount, so it is important to check this and comply. You may end up getting up to 25% off the usual rental car price.

For companies with many luxury models, exotic, or classic cars, people who book early tend to get the best vehicles. More often than not, a client will see that all cars are available and they can pick the best. But booking later will mean taking what is left over by others or even getting nothing.


It is clear that having the right timing when booking a rented car is the right thing to do. Although you will not book months earlier, most people with experience in booking rented cars claim that a month is better. However, consider doing it earlier than this if the model of car that you want is rare.