How To Sell Encrypted Mobile Phones

Mobile phone shop operators and entrepreneurs in search of a reliable product that appeals to a growing market should start looking into encrypted mobile phones. Over the past several years, high-profile email hacking cases have shown the world that the internet is practically wide open to cybercriminals and hackers, and people across the globe are looking for more secure ways to email. You can find a quick description of how PGP encryption works here; learn about the product, then find out what you have to do to become a successful reseller.

#1 Supply the SIM Card
The first step is to find a PGP encryption company that will provide SIM cards with PGP encryption technology; as an encrypted mobile phone retailer, you can either source third-party SIM cards and send them to the encryption company, or you can prepay for SIM cards directly from a company like Myntex. The latter option not only means that the technology is guaranteed to work, it also reduces activation time from several days to a few minutes. Using a third party also means you can’t take advantage of their reseller portal for easy activation or monitoring their expiration date.

#2 Supply the Mobile Device
While the encryption company provides encryption technology, it is still up to the reseller to provide the device. BlackBerry remains many consumers’ go-to device for security and it is one of the best encrypted mobile phone options. In addition to working well with PGP encryption, BlackBerry devices also have BES (BlackBerry Enterprise Server), which an encryption company uses to limit the device strictly to email. For high-end security, you want a device without apps, with no access to browsers, and that shuts down voice and camera functions.

#3 Customer Support
PGP BlackBerry encryption requires technical and customer support from your vendor; they should begin by providing you with all of the resources you need to understand and sell PGP encryption technology, set up devices, and answer your customers’ questions. A new customer management portal released by encryption company Myntex is also making it easier for resellers to manage their businesses. The portal offers several features that makes it easier to focus on selling new devices and expanding your business, such as:
• A wallet tool that allows you to prepay for SIM cards
• Easy payment management to make sure your customers are paid up
• Simple set up and activation, so that your customers can be on their way within minutes of purchase
• Instant remote wipe allows the reseller to clear a missing or stolen device as soon as the customer informs them

#4 Your PGP Encryption Provider
End-to-end encryption, according to Tom’s Guide, not only prevents cybercriminals and hackers from reading your messages, it also prevents the phone manufacturer, cell carrier, or the tech company behind the encryption company from reading the email. When you supply your customers with encryption technology, you can reassure them that not even the company can read your emails, as they don’t have the private key.

The right partner in PGP encryption is your key to entering the encrypted mobile phone market. White labeling opportunities also mean that you can sell reliable, end-to-end encryption under your own brand, to local customers. Get into the business today with the right support.