How to Successfully Market New Tech to the Masses

Look at society a hundred years ago and look at it today, and you will be astounded at the advances we have made. We travel through the sky, we communicate with our loved ones instantaneously around the world, have watches that monitor our heart rates – the list is endless. Yet, ironically, gettingnew tech out onto the market is still a challenge. People are hesitant of new technologies, which is why it is up to you to follow these steps and get your new tech out onto the market:

Ensure it Works Flawlessly

The first step to successfully selling a new tech is to ensure that it works perfectly. If it doesn’t, then you will be up against a lot of criticism and cynics. Think about how much backlash the electric car had when it was first being tested, or the hesitancy towards self-driving cars – anything that goes wrong will only add fuel to the fire. You want your designs to work. Test them with this cheap option for PCB design software, and commit to your product research beforehand. If there is something that it cannot do that it should, then you want to know before you mass market it.

Know Your Market Demographic

Once your product testing is done, you will want to move on to market testing. You want to know who will use your product, why, and for how long. It is through real people that you will find how to market your product successfully. You will want to also:

  1. Find The Channels They Use
  2. Does your demographic rely on television? On Instagram? Twitter? Know which platforms they use to consume media, because it is there that you will want to direct your marketing efforts.

    When you are creating these ad campaigns, you must remember to craft it with the platform in mind. It might seem easy to simply share an Instagram post to Facebook and Twitter at the same time, but the formatting will be offand the post will have less impact.

  3. Know How They Communicate
  4. In the United States alone there are different dialects, accents, and most importantly jargon. If your demographic is outside of an area that you are familiar with and grew up in, then it is time to hire a specialist. That way you can create ads that resonate with your demographic.

Partner with Top Niche News Agencies

To get word about your tech out to the right people, you need to search for news agencies by niche. Essentially this means choosing news platforms that relate to your demographic. This could be a location-specific publication, or a niche specific one that caters to the global population. The more pervasive your new product is on these sites, the more familiar your demographic will become. This familiarity will give way to trust, interest, and then a sale.

Marketing new products is always going to be difficult, because people are inherently wary of change. Work out all the bugs in your new tech, commit to extensive market research, and start getting your product out there until it becomes a household name. Only then will your new product be readily accepted into the lives of your customers.