HTC Tablet PC?? — HTC SCRIBE [CES 2011]

Every big mobile device manufacturers are eying the tablet market, not even with HTC. Recently, the info about HTC tablet PC leaked at USPTO (U.S Patent and Trademark Office). The gadget is called HTC Scribe. In describing the brand HTC Scribe says that it will be used for “a handheld wireless device called the Tablet PC”. (the image above is not belong to HTC Scribe)

According to information, the Scribe will be based on a Nvidia Tegra 2 platform and operated by the latest Android OS 2.4, Honeycomb. Not full HD, the gadget is only having 1280×720 resolution screen with supports multi-touch, WiFi, GPS, 2GB built-in memory and a 32MB microSD memory.

Probably HTC will introduce or at least announce its first tablet PC at CES 2011. Don’t ask me about its pricing, there is no information yet about other things of HTC Scribe. Just come and see it at Las Vegas. Once again, “it could be at CES 2011”.