I Cannot Hear You Clearly But I Do Know What You Mean

What you see at image above, it’s not a SMS. It’s a Mobile Captions Service (MCS). In short word, MSC is some kind of service that functions as translator: converting the audio conversation that received by mobile phone to be words in real time communication. This service is launched by Consumer Cellular partnered with Hamilton Relay and Mobile Captions Company.

Unfortunately, the service is only available for Nokia E5 Smartphone and using  trained live operators (not a program translator). So, how fast she/he can type in order to follow your words? I don’t know, so don’t talk too quick.

Consumer Cellular costs you for the MCS service starting at $10/month up to $60/month. Finally, your grandmother says “I cannot hear you clearly boy, but I do know what you mean”. [Dandy Gadget Source]