ICO mim, Mobile Interactive Media at CES 2009

This Dandy Gadget:  ICO Global Communications (Holdings) Limited (NASDAQ:ICOG) and Alcatel-Lucent (Euronext Paris and NYSE:ALU) will be demonstrating ICO mim during the International Consumer Electronics Show 2009 this week in Las Vegas, Nevada.

ICO mim is the world’s first fully integrated satellite-terrestrial network being used to deliver mobile video and interactive two-way communications services that powered by ICO G1, the  largest commercial satellite launched to date which cover the entire United States, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. More, ICO mim has developed using the worldwide DVB-SH standard. The result, CO mim delivers live television, interactive navigation and two-way communications to a wide variety of mobile and portable devices.

“Americans have an insatiable demand for video and mobility, and ICO’s trials are focused on validating a compelling nationwide service offering,” commented Tim Bryan, chief executive officer of ICO. “Alcatel-Lucent has led a world-class ecosystem of DVB-SH technology partners to showcase the power of ICO G1 in delivering a compelling consumer proposition.”

“With the ICO mim service in a car, I feel as comfortable as I am at home watching TV. With excellent sound and video quality, plus a larger screen, mobile TV now brings the same pleasure as traditional TV,” added Olivier Coste, chairman of Alcatel-Lucent’s mobile broadcast activities. “With the satellite, mobile TV now works everywhere a user might roam; tomorrow, this service will be as ubiquitous as radio is today.”

ICO didn’t yet announce about the charge for this service.[Dandy Gadget Source]