iFrogz Boost Plus Near Field Audio Speaker, Plus You More!

This second generation of Near Field Audio speaker from iFrogz, Boost Plus, pluses you more compared to its predecessor. The first plus is this dandy gadget brings more speakers, three high quality 2W x 2RMS speakers, while the old version only has two speakers. The second plus, the speakers is placed in one side to be more focus to where the sound should be directed. The third plus, it comes with cuter design, not box-like design like the old one.

As it’s using Near Field Audio technology, it pluses you with no need of wires, cords, or pairing configuration for boosting audio from your smartphone or MP3 player or other NFC-enabled devices. You could also connect it to other devices through an 3.5mm jack input.

The release date and pricing
The last plus, but you perhaps don’t like it, iFrogz costs you plus for this portable speaker, $10 more expensive than the old model. It’s available now at AT&T store in $49.99.