How to turn your iPad into a rugged laptop – iKey StreetCase [iWorld 2013]

How to turn your iPad into a rugged laptop? It looks like a complicated task, right? However, it’s not as hard as it seems, you just need to encased your iPad with this ABS Polycarbonate case from iKey, StreetCase.

The StreetCase will extend the shock and vibrant proof abilities of your iPad to become a device that could survive on the street use. It gives a comfortable use while on the road and is enable you to bring your iPad in any condition, at the worst case, you can hit the badass using your iPad without leaving any inner or outer damages.

In term for providing you an enjoyment of a laptop, this rugged case includes a full-QWERTY rechargeable Bluetooth keyboard with red backlit. According to the company, the pairing process only takes less than 30 seconds. More, it also features VESA mounting.

iKey-StreetCase-front-closeThe release date and pricing
Fashioned in black color finish, iKey StreetCase ruggedized case was showed at MacWorld/iWorld 2013 and is going to hit market in March 2013. Well, you can pre-order now for $495.00. Is it too expensive?