Infiniti FX Sebastian Vettel Version Crossover, a Champion Car!

Infiniti, the well-known car manufacturer from Japan, and Sebastian Vettel, a Formula One World Champion, have shared their opinion about how the looking of the car that suit a racer. For that, Infiniti have modified this and that to the standard FX50s Premium based on what Sebastian Vettel want. In only six months, they have done with a result, FX Sebastian Vettel Version crossover.

Infiniti FX Sebastian Vettel Version crossover boasts a wonderful 300 km/h top speed and 5.6 seconds quick response to achieve 0-100 km/h that comes up from 420PS output. Perhaps, you ask how they did that. Do they change the engine? Nope, this new car is still using VVEL V8 engine. However, Infiniti reprogrammed engine ECU to liberate some unnecessary things on their engine system.

As the fast speed requires a perfect balance, Infiniti also redesigned car to have a 20mm lower body and using exclusive 21-inch black multispoke alloys wheels with silver rims as well as a 30 per cent improvement in the coefficient of lift (Cl).

There is no official announcement about the availability and the price of this FX Sebastian Vettel Version crossover. It should be cleared by Infiniti at Frankfurt Motor Show 2011. Hey, there are scratches down here! [Dandy Gadget Source]