New Intel Solid-State Drive 320 Series NAND Flash Memory

Intel announced a new 25-nm NAND flash memory series,  SSD 320 series. The new SSD series is the third generation of Intel SSD which is the result of developing of the previous model Intel X25-M SATA SSD.

Ideal for use on desktop and notebook PCs, the SSD 320 series boosts your computer compared to conventional mechanical hard disk drives (HDDs) by eliminates the HDD bottleneck to speed PC processes to gain up to 66 percent faster.

Using the 3 gigabit-per-second (3gbps) SATA II interface, it enables to run up to 39,500 IOPS random reads, up to 23,000 IOPS random writes, up to 220 MB/s sequential writes, and up to 270 MB/s sequential reads. To be considered, the new 25-nm NAND flash memory, 320 Series is also more rugged with 1,500G/0.5 ms operating shock, and featuring enhanced data security features, power-loss management and innovative data redundancy features.

This is what I like most, although the new SSD 320 series is more powerful but it has a lower price, up to 30 percent price reduction over its current generation. For 1,000 unit quantities, Intel costs you for SSD 320 series: 40GB at $89; 80GB at $159; 120GB at $209; 160GB at $289; 300GB at $529 and 600GB at $1,069. [Dandy Gadget Source]