iPhone as Your Exclusive GPS Device with NAVIGON MyRegion Application

This Dandy Gadget: The trend of gadgets is moving into a single device that can cover a multiple features. Not even iPhone, with a new Navigon application, Navigon MyRegion turned an iPhone to be act as an exclusive GPS device which you can access to all of Nort America map (including Eastern, Central and Western U.S, as well as Canada).

That why, you don’t need to buy a stand alone GPS device, the MyRegion application will serve you with a rich navigation solution.  Featuring as MobileNavigator 1.4 plus Navigon MyRoutes, and Traffic Live, including also Google Local Search and others, iPhone can tell you turn-by-turn direction and calculate the best routes to your destination.

For unveiled all map of North America, Navigon MyRegion charges you for $79.99. NAVIGON set a promotion price until April 21 2010. Do you still need a GPS device? iPhone is enough, I think [Dandy Gadget Source]