iPhone is Not For Kids! Energy Sistem Energy Docking 300 Wooden Tower Speakers

My friend told me along ago: Don’t hand your iPhone to your kids! At that time, I didn’t even want to hear it, because if we concern to getting slipped, there is no real relation between adult, kids and getting slipped. That was a long ago, after I looked to this new Energy Sistem wooden tower speakers, Docking 300, I just realize what my friend told me is right.

With 1050mm height, your kid will not be able to dock his iPhone onto this tower speaker. You will not hear good sound from 60W-output speakers. What surely the sound that will come to your ears is your kid crying, because he was hit by the tower speakers. A funny argument, right? Anyway, the Docking 300 doesn’t only serve you a docking station for your iPhone/iPod, it also brings many interfaces along to be connected to your HDTV, monitor, laptop, and USB-enabled devices. There is also FM radio tuner with FM Antenna to keep you in-touch to your favorite radio channels.

Coming with four 2.5-inch 15W speakers with wooden case, Energy Sistem Energy Docking 300 tower speaker is going to hit market in December 26, 2011, right after your Christmas, in MSRP 92.37 Euro or around $124. iPhone is not for kids, a funny title, right? [Dandy Gadget Source]