It is not Made to be Blasted! Nissan X-Trail Platinum Edition 4×4 SUV

When you ask extra protection, this new Nissan X-Tail platinum edition will answer your question correctly. This SUV has full front-rear-side protection platinum plates. At the case you hit something accidentally, the car will be still tough. However, it’s not made to blasted.

Aside of its toughness, this new SUV also comes with enhanced equipments inside.  Its platinum seats can be adjusted electrically. There is also a reversing camera, a satellite GPS touch screen navigator and so on. Indeed, the car perfectly combined the luxury, toughness, and sporty into one piece.

With advanced 2.0dCi diesel engine in manual and automatic transmission option, Nissan X-Trail Platinum Edition SUV will cost you for starting price 29,180 GBP (manual) and 30,560 GBP (automatic). So far, based on the source, it’s already in pre-order state in UK market for only 200 units being produced. Keeping in your mind, this new SUV is not made to be blasted! [Dandy Gadget Source]