Leica M9-P Digital Rangefinder Camera, Still M9?

The new version of M9 camera, M9-P, is revealed by Leica. If you wish to look a significant differ compared to the old M9, you must prepare to be disappointed. The new camera is still staying ground at M9 field.

Nothing new? Yeah, there is nothing new here. Wait, yes there is something new. The Leica red dot and “LEICA CAMERA AG GERMANY” word are disappear. Both of them are placed on top of the body without red color. Meanwhile, its 2.5 TFT LCD is covered by sapphire glass. it makes the camera heavier than M9, 600g.

Regarding to its specs, Leica M9-P camera features a 18MP CCD image sensor, up to 32GB SDHC memory, a Li-Ion battery and all features, like what M9 has. In addition, the new camera is having new color, silver chrome.

No information yet about the price of Leica M9-P camera. Based on M9 price that floating on the net, I guess the new camera will hit the market in around $7,250, a little more expensive than the M9. Next month or next week? [Dandy Gadget Source]