Let’s Gun-like Remote Control Does Some Magic To Trick Your Smart TV! LG Magic Remote

Do you want to play funnier with your smart TV? This new LG remote control, Magic Remote, will give you another enjoyment in exploring your smart TV. A small gun-like remote control shows you vary magic to trick your smart TV.

I have a good voice! Well, the Magic Remote could turn your voice into text command to execute your browsing through voice recognition technology. I love to shot! It’s a gun-like thing, right? Just point the remote to whatever you want on the screen. I love to dance! Your arm and wrist movement could be inserted as command also. If you always see your 3D TV as your monitor, you could use the wheel button like what your PC’s mouse to roll the content. In addition, there are also interesting button such 2D to 3D converter button and more.

Ssst…the girl is whispering me that it’s a dandy gadget. You don’t need to tell me about it, girl. Ssst..she is whispering me again that she couldn’t tell about its price tag and the availability. Wait a minute! Do we need all those various input command? For me, I need only one, but I’m still confused which one is the best to me. Which command do you prefer most?   [Dandy Gadget Source]