LG ‘Hecto’ Laser TV Projector, as Smart as Smart TV [CES 2013]

CES 2013 will be back to its state in 2009 where home entertainment system was a main desert. Laptops, tablet PCs, smartphone and other devices are still there of course, but not as hot as the previous CES 2012. While Samsung is rumored to display the world’s biggest UHD TV, 110-inch, LG has bravely announced that ton of their new and upcoming home entertainment devices are going to be showed there.

LG-Hecto-laser-TV-projector-ces-2013-front-left-dandy-gadget-projectorsAmong LG devices, this smart projector, Hecto, could make a big bang at CES 2013. Its ability to display a 100-inch laser TV clearly with full HD 1080 resolution from 22-inch by utilizing LG’s advanced laser-based illumination system, a built-in digital tuner, WiFi, WiDi, HDMI, and RS-232 interface, it’s really cool. It provides vary entertainment options – an access to your favorite digital TV programs, smart channels such as NetFlix, Hulu and so on as well as displaying the contents of other devices on the screen through proper available interfaces like a common projector. Short of, the Hecto is a projector that smartly can work as a smart TV.

Like an LG smart TV, you can utilize LG’s Magic Remote or your smartphone to navigate the menu on this projector.

The release date and pricing
Fashioned in only 5.7-inch height with elegant design, LG Hecto laser TV projector is going to lined up at CES 2013. Unfortunately, there is no information yet around its pricing and availability. Perhaps, the big show will clear information about this projector. Did I mention a special screen?