Luma Turns Your Smartphone into a Romantic Lamp

In fact, a smartphone could be turned into anything we like – alarm clock, gaming pad, remote control, FM tuner, etc. There are so many apps and accessories to be combined to. The question is how to turn your smartphone into a romantic lamp? It’s not a difficult recipe. You just need this Peleg Design’s thing – called LUMA and a flashlight app – torch or others.

Luma works magically. Just clip it on your flash smartphone. It traps the light into its shape to bringing you a beautiful panorama of mini traditional table lamp. It’s a simple as that.

Romantic lamp? Well, here is the main ingredient to turn it into a romantic lamp. You need at least 3 new smartphones – either Samsung S6 Edge+ or iPhone 6s and 3 Lumas. Clip on each of Luma onto the smartphone, play flashlight app, turn off the light, and line up all of them on the table. And here you are, you got your romantic lamps. To impress her more, you need to whisper her that the moon in the sky tonight and all are on the table are for her only. I guarantee that will become her most romantic moment.

Luma iPhone Dark Dandy Gadget

The release date and pricing
Peleg Studio Luma is available now exclusively at in three color choices: red, blue and grey. The price is only $9 plus shipping fee.
Romantic thing is not always expensive!