Luxury Vase, Hoya Tsubomi Vase

This Dandy Gadget: Need something luxurious interior gadget for your house or office? Try this one from Hoya Corporation, Tsubomi, which being crystal is the high-class impression expresses “the bud” boldly.

Tsubomi is the vase which is actualized with skillful cutting technology, cutting enters deeply, builds up the three-dimensional wave, dandy. It’s really a gadget.

in addition, With unique 4 color developments, 3 colors (red, black,and white) increase beauty with the combination of color clearing, give the strange kind of impression where the color part which is put inside the vase has floated in. Clearing becomes the aggregate where the transparency only of the crystal is high, the circumstances where light reflects diffusely of course thing, alongside the wave can infer the profound impression.

Hoya Tsubomi vase has 175mm high, and 152mm diameter. The price is around $2330.99.