Make Your Home Healthier With Enputech Purelight XD UV Sterilizer

This Dandy Gadget: Enputech USA will shown its new UV Sterilizer, Purelight XD which  is developed to prevent biological bacteria threats after 9/11 as potable bacteria detector and sterilizer, and has earned international patents from China and the U.S at CES 2009, Las Vegas.

This new UV Sterilizer features excellent sterilizer, sterilize a lot of dust in 20-30 seconds, no chemical residue and UV doesn’t damage material, safety filter reduce harm to humans, very convenient to carry anywhere, LED display to know the duration of sterilization, very easy to use for zero bacteria your smartphone or computer or other thing you have.

Furthermore, Purelight XD UV Sterilizer has sleek design and product comes with consumer protection insurance. Purelight is equipped with 11.1V, 1100mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery for up to 500 usage counts and lamp life span of 15,000 hours, 8W UV lamp, 20.9(L)x3.15(W)x2.36(H)inches dimension, 1 years limited warranty.

Enputech Purelight XD UV sterilizer is going to hit market in MSRP $199.99 in vary colors. See this new gadget at CES 2009!