Making Two Photos or Movies in One Push! Panasonic DMC-3D1 3D Compact Camera

In a point of fact, all 3D cameras must come with two lenses for capturing two images simultaneously, so with this new Panasonic  3D camera, Lumix DMC-3D1. However, this camera is a little bit different. It brings a new-unique twin lens system. Both lenses work on their own mechanism and sensor.

So what? Theoretically, it doesn’t only produce a near-life 3D images or video, but it also gives you a real control on both lenses. In short, this new camera provides you with real dual shooting ability. You can record a 2D video with one lens, and use the other to capture 2D images. How fast, how many times your image capturing will not have any effect at all to your video recording process. Like I said at title, you also could make two 2D photos or movies in one push by controlling both of the lenses on 3.5-inch Smart Touch screen.

Powered by dual 12MP Hight Sensitivity MOS sensor, the Venus Engine, and dual 25mm ultra-wide angle lenses with 4x optical zoom, this new Lumix camera capable to record 12MP 2D images, 8MP 3D image, full HD 1920 x 1080 2D/3D video at 60i in either AVCHD or MP4 formats. It also boasts up to 8fps fast shoot without auto focusing and up to 4fps with auto focusing. In addition, it features a 70MB built-in memory, a memory card slot, mini HDMI, AV Output, USB 2.0, MEGA O.I.S, AF Tracking, Intelligent Scene Selector, and more.

Wait a second! With slim-clear design and slider lens cover, this new 3D camera reminds me to Sony TX55 camera. They look like similar, aren’t they? Of course, they are different on somewhere. Hey, there is 2D/3D switch at the back and left-right microphone at top with Dolby Digital Stereo Creator inside.

An interesting 3D device, right? However, you have to do a little waiting to hand this 3D camera. Panasonic said Lumix DMC-3D1 is going to talk to you next month, December 2011, in MSRP 499.99 in dark blue color finish. Not a bad price, I think. [Dandy Gadget Source]