Microsoft Windows 8.1, what is your thought on it?

Microsoft will introduce the update of their Windows 8 OS, Windows 8.1, to market soon. It’s not final yet, however, it, according to the company, has slight improvement compared to the previous version. It carries more background, more tile size, and a better management and  security system as well as esiear to be connected to SkyDrive.

Short of, this updated Windows 8.0 continues the vision of the previous version, Metro UI as the main arsenal with Start Screen. The beautiful appearance is undeniable, however, among Windows’s users like myself, the continuing of weighting on touch operations on Windows 8.1 and abandoning an option for using the start menu and easy access to some important features without going through the third party apps makes me allergic to use Windows 8.0 and so with the continuation of its vision.   I’m a pure keyboard-mouse user, and I like to do the fastest way to access anything on my desktop whether for typing a content for my blogs or checking my server. Perhaps, that’s why I stay loyal to Windows 7 as my favorite OS for my desktop.

Of course, it’s a different story if you doesn’t really care about type-click commands. This updated OS is a perfect one to roll your activities. Beside what I mentioned above, it also takes you to new Bing experience and Internet Explorer 11.

Microsoft-windows-81-backgroundThe release date and pricing
According to Microsoft, Windows 8.1 is going to be available later of this year. It’s a free upgrade for your Windows 8.0. So, share you thought about it!