Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Mango Edition

Mango, it seems delicious, right? It is the final result of modification on this and that in Windows Phone 7 operating system.  So, the Mango could serve you easier to connect, share, a smarter approach to apps, using mobile version of IE9 for better browsing, and more.

In a fact that Microsoft attacked Android patent, I think Steve Balmer himself doesn’t have a strong confident on the WP7 Mango edition ability to do a real fight face to face against Android. In my opinion, it’s not only one step behind, but in right now case, the WP7 is three steps behind the Android OS (feel free to comment if you have a different conclusion).

As Microsoft concerns so much on its cloud computing and perhaps Nokia will also present its new WP7 Mango smartphone, it makes interesting for us to see what Windows Phone 7 Mango edition can do at IFA 2011. [Dandy Gadget Source]