Mobile Phones for Christmas: Sony Experia Mini

Across the country this year thousands of mobile phones will be bought for christmas and there are that many the choice can be quite daunting. In this article our friends at dialaphone state the case for one particular christmas phone, the Sony Experia mini.

There are many different types of mobile phone user.  There are those who love new innovations and need all the technology the market has to offer.  There mobile experience constitutes Apps, internet, MP3 and downloads.  Then there is the more functional mobile user who demands maybe a decent camera and an easy to use operating system to supplement  phone that will mainly be used for texting and calling, little else.  There are phones out there that offer a simple experience without necessarily compromising on standards.  The Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini is one of these.

It may be a neat design but despite its small stature, the 1GHz processor ensures that it won’t freeze, malfunction or suffer any of the glitches that could be associated with a small handset.  It rivals phones like the Samsung Galaxy Mini as an unostentatiously practical mobile.  It can fit in a suit pocket without bulging out and ruining your look, or it can fit in a small handbag and still leave space for the essentials.  For most men the phone lives in the pocket so you could take the view, the smaller the better.

Usability doesn’t suffer from its small scale.  The buttons are as manageable as larger mobile phones, so the pudgy fingered need not be deterred.  It would be practical on either contract or pay as you go due to its reasonable price.  That said it has the appearance of a high cost phone and the quality feel of something much more upmarket.

If practicality is your prime concern the Sony Ericsson Xepria Mini is definitely a contender to make the shortlist of top mobile phones Christmas.  Its miniature design means it is easy to carry and serves a highly practical purpose.  At the same time, its vivid display and quality feel mean it is still a phone to be proud of. To see a futher range of phones for christmas head over to our friends at, the home of mobile phones.