Motion CL900 Tablet PC, Less Than $1000! [CES 2011]

Motion will unveil its latest tablet PC, CL900, at CES 2011 that equipped a 10-inch Corning Gorilla Glass touch LCD in rugged body, the resilient display material renowned for its strength (providing up to 4 times breakage resistance).

Powered by Microsoft Windows 7 Professional as OS, upcoming Intel Atom processor, up to 2GB memory and 30GB or 60GB SSD, surely this new tablet PC is not only rugged thing but also can roll your application in high performance delivering a comfortable while working.

Hi, Motion CL900 costs you only less than $1000 and it will be available in Q1 2011. See what this gadget can do at CES 2011. Compared with Motion J3400 and F5 or C5?? [Dandy Gadget Source]