Motorola MOTOACTV GPS Fitness Tracking Wristband with Full Music

You will like this new device! It, MOTOACTV, works like a Garmin’s thing, Forerunner device, with a coolest black-red rubber strap. In my eyeing, the gadget has a better nice looking. Probably, you don’t agree with me, right? Anyway, that is only a matter of tastes.

On a 1.6-inch full-color waterproof scratch-resistant Corning Gorilla Glass touch screen, it serves you every measurement of your fitness stats such: pace, distance, calorie burned, and track. The history of your stats is stored on a 8GB or 16GB built-in storage. You could upload your history stats to to analyze your performance for your next step.

However, this new gadget likely does not provide you a real virtual challenger like what Garmin Forerunner offered. But, it gives you ability to hear your favorite music up to 4000 tracks or FM radio like what Apple’s iPod Nano has, via Bluetooth or wire headset. Plus, you could also pair this gadget to your Android Smartphone to stay connected with your friends or colleagues without disturb your fitness training.

Supported by Bluetooth 4.0 and ANT+ wireless connectivity, the MOTOACTV allows you to do an pairing with ANT+ sensors. Thus, surely it brings you advanced fitness-training stats for better and deeper analyzing. Does it work well also with Nike+ sport shoes? (not sure).

Fashioned in 46(W) x 46(H) x 9.6(D) mm and 35g, new Motorola MOTOACTV fitness tracking gadget is going to be on Verizon Wireless network in November 2011  for MSRP $249 (8GB) and MSRP $299 (16GB) and followed in Latin America and Europe in Q1 2012. Did I mention 5 hours battery support for outdoor workouts? [Dandy Gadget Source]