Nest Learning Thermostat, Learn and Keep on Learn Until Die!

What the most interesting on Nest Learning Thermostat is it carries a superb algorithm that make this new gadget must learn and keep on learn your weekly behavior on setting the temperature until die. In short, it will change the temperature automatically based on what you did. It is the smartest thermostat I have ever known.

This smart thermostat comes with premium-chameleon design using stainless steel material in neutral-silver finish. It gives you a perfection of what a home gadget should look like. Smart doesn’t mean to be ugly, right?

Moreover, this smart gadget doesn’t bother you with a complicated operation. You just need to roll the outer ring to set the temperature and push down to enter menu. Its screen will display the targeted temperature and time interval to achieve that temperature. The display comes in blue when cooling, red for heating. And when you set an eco temperature, the Nest Leaf will appear on the screen.

Coupled by a built-in sensor, it brings also Auto-Away feature. Thus, the gadget could sense your existence around the house. When you have gone, it stops cooling or heating your home or room to save energy and your money as well.  Does it also have ability to sense your dog existence?

Fashioned in 81 x 81 x 40.6 mm, and 7.0 oz, Nest Learning Thermostat is expected to hit market in Mid-November 2011 in MSRP $249. It is pretty sure, you will need this cool tool at Christmas season to heat up your home. Did I mention you can control the device from your laptop, smartphone, or other Wi-Fi-enable devices? [Dandy Gadget Source]