New 3M Mobile Pico Projectors for Mobile Businessman [CES 2012]

Carrying a big projector along with you just to show your presentation to your clients is no longer a trend and wise action. A compact-mobile projector that easy to be carried and packed is a wise and smart decision to support your business need. For you who realized and agreed with that, you should consider and see these new 3M mobile pico projectors, MP220 and MP410, at CES 2012.

The 3M MP220 is supported by LCOS technology. It provides 50 lumens with WSVGA 1024 x 600 resolution up to 65-inch image size. With a built-in document viewer, a built-in player, a 2GB built-in storage, micro-SD card slot, micro-USB port and other inputs, it enables you to project your images directly on the projector without need a laptop. At full battery, it could serve you up to 2 hours. It is like AAXA P3, right?

If the 3M MP220 is not enough to satisfy you, the 3M MP410 could be a pico projector that you are looking for. Fashioned in 4(W) x 4(H) x 1(D) inch, this first AC-powered pico projector comes with DLP technology to boast clear images with 300-lumens and HD-image resolution up to 80-inches. Like the 3M MP220, it also integrated with a built-in storage (1GB), a built-in micro-SD card slot, and a built-in speaker.

Both new 3M mobile pico projectors are going to hit market in April 2012 in MSRP $479 (MP220) and $599 (MP410). Are you a mobile businessman? See at CES 2012! [Dandy Gadget Source]