New Eos Converge Brings Music To Your House Wirelessly

This Dandy Gadget: a remarkably simple, incredibly versatile new way to stream music from a Mac/PC, iPod/iPhone, Apple TV or other audio source into every area of the house. Eos Wireless has unveiled this dandy gadget at MacWorld.

Simplicity, yes. You just need to connect Eos Converge transmitter to your media device and this gadget will send the music  into every room of your house, all wirelessly and with pure digital sound quality. No more moving your music source from room to room, dock to dock just to hear your music.

“In the digital age your music lives on your computer, but your computer doesn’t live where you want your music. That’s all about to change,” says Jeff O’Shea, Executive Vice President of IntelliTouch and the creator of the Eos Converge Wireless System.”

Eos Converge will be available in beginning of March 2009. And the price is starting around $89.95. [Dandy Gadget Source]