New Kenwood’s GPS Navigators Will be Present at This Year

This Dandy Gadget: I think, Kenwood is in a good mood now.  This year, Kenwood will launch four new GPS Navigator series, DNX9140, DNX7140, DNX6140, and DNX5140.

DNX9140 is a “best-in-class” DVD receiver.  Equipped a 6.95″ high resolution WVGA touchscreen control, built-in advanced Garmin navigation, voice control system, built-in Parrot Bluetooth, on-board DSP processor, 5.1 surround-sound, digital time alignment, an advanced USB platform, and Kenwood’s Advanced Bus (KAB). In 2010, the DNX9140 will have the ability to connect to an M/H digital television tuner. DNX9140 also offers variable key illumination.

DNX7140 features a 6.95″ LCD touchscreen panel, advance Garmin navigation platform, Bluetooth technology by Parrot, hands-free phone operation, SMS texting, wireless A2DP audio streaming, support newest mobile phones and hand-held email device, a vehicle mileage tracker.

DNX6140 has a smaller LCD screen : 6.1″ and optionally, it optionally require iPod, HD Radio or satellite radio accessories. But it still features Garmin navigation and Parrot Bluetooth . And DNX5140 has the same specification as DNX6140 but without Bluetooth module.

DNX 9140 will be available in May, 2009 at $2,000. DNX7140 will be available in March, 2009 at $1,700. DNX6140 and DNX5140 will appear in January, 2009 at $1,250 (DNX6140), $1,150(DNX5140). [Dandy Gadget Source]