New Opel EV Urban Car Concept, Only One Euro!

Don’t be too surprised! Only one euro is not the price of this new car, but based on Opel its new EV urban car concept could achieve 100 km range with only one euro energy cost. I’m not so sure what it means. It looks like the car consumes lesser energy compared to the others on the market.

It’s a two-seats unique tiny car concept. It’s closely like a bug with wings ready to fly. And from back view, it has motorcycle form with four wheels, right? Plus, according to Opel, its new EV car concept has one third weight compared to other modern small city car. If it’s true, around 500 kg is the weight of this car.

For you who in six-teen years old, there is a good news. Opel said the car is safe for riding for you in version limited of 45 km/hour top speed. For you to know, the car actually boasts 120 km/hour maximum speed. So, it’s a car for everyone, right?

Anyway, Opel haven’t yet named the car. What should its name in your mind? I guess, Opel Unoro or UnRo (uno euro) is a suit name, right? Let’s see the car at Frankfurt Motor Show 2011! [Dandy Gadget Source]