New Sony MVS-6000 Switcher With ELC Automation

This Dandy Gadget: Centered on a simple-to-operate graphical user interface to control on-air devices,  Sony MVS-6000 Switcher pops up with embeds keyer and DME processing within the switcher’s CPU, and enables multi-format switching, multiple key channels, transitions and DME functions to be carried out on one chip. As I said in tittle, this device also contains ELC Automation option which  integrates into existing newsroom computer systems, such as iNews or ENPS with an ActiveX window, allowing you to maintain your existing workflow, and continue building your rundowns in one familiar interface.

Sony MVS-6000 switcher will be available this month along with HSC-300 and HXC-100 studio camera with price depended on system configuration. Sony will announced the list pricing later. Just wait….[Dandy Gadget Source]