New Sony S1 Tablet PC for Christmas 2011??

Sony announced a new unique tablet PC with code name S1 (it could be S series for tablet). Sony said it will be available in fall 2011. In my opinion, Sony will choose the Christmas moment to launch this gadget.

When you look closer to the new tablet, this new “Sony Tablet” S1 is formed in uncommon design or you prefer to call it unique. The tablet uses a risen top body with rubber material (not sure) covered on its back. I guess, Sony tries to minimalist the damage of the S1 during the accidental dropping. The risen top body will hit the ground first and the rubber material hold the shock impact.

Featuring a 9.7 inch touch LCD screen and powered by Android 3.0 OS, the S1 supports both WiFi and WAN (3G/4G). Coupled also with infrared and DLNA, you can use the gadget as a universal remote for every devices in BRAVIA family and transfer the content to your large screen HD TV.

Like I said before, probably this Sony S1 tablet PC will be available in Christmas moment, fall 2011. The fair price (according to me) is around $799. How much its price do you think? [Dandy Gadget Source]