Nokia N9 Swipe Smartphone, Your Magic Finger on the Screen!

Innovation comes and goes. Here is a big innovation by Nokia in its new smartphone, N9, by making a little change to way you access the screen. No home key, no button, it’s just a flat screen. It makes your finger more magic than before, and enable to do anything to the phone by swipe operation.

Somehow I feel the Nokia N9 is created to attack directly the mother of touch phone, iPhone. I don’t talk without an a fact. Lets see closer, Nokia mentioned a strong antenna and a powerful 8MP Carl Zeiss AF camera in its press release. As you know, both of them are still a question in Apple iPhone.

Plus, the Nokia N9 is also coming with a big screen, 3.9-inch scratch-resistant curved glass AMOLED screen. With no button, the screen enables to store a lot of apps. Perhaps when other phones need two screen to display all its apps, this phone only need one.

Regarding to its main specs, the Nokia N9 is powered by MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan OS and featuring a 1GB RAM, a 1GHz ARM Cortex-A8 OMAP3630 processor, 16GB or 64GB storage, a front camera, Wi-Fi, bluetooth, USB interface, NFC, and more. And its 1450 mAh battery performs up to 4.5 hours HD video playback.

I think the word is not enough to describe the N9. So, it’s better you see the video above. Fashioned in 116.45(L)x 61.2 mm(W)x 7.6(T) mm and 135g with sleek uni-body design, Nokia N9 is expected to hit market in late 2011 in three colors option: black, cyan, and magenta. No official price and the release date yet. We will see soon. Hopefully it’ll have more friendly price than iPhone. [Dandy Gadget Source]