O2 Joggler, All-in-One Family Digital Frame

This Dandy Gadget: In flash seen, it’s a digital frame. Yeap, but not a digital photo frame, it’s O2 Joggler. although O2 Joggler can operate as digital photo frame such as Trancend Digital Photo Frame with touchscreen function. Like others UK Companies, O2, the manufacturer of Joggler is focusing on gadgets for family activities.

The Joggler features 7-inch touchscreen, 1GB of internal memory with interesting contents such as sport news, weather, calendar, and others. The device also can be operated as digital clock. As note, you can set your status like you are getting touch with facebook, you can set birthday, school, deadline works, and others important moment that need to be mention. So, you won’t miss anything and keep touching with your members of family. you don’t need to write all of your plan on paper,right? reduce the paper, save the world.

More, you easily connect this new gadget to your others devices via cable or wireless. Inside, it also features a built-in storage  to store up to 200 photos, play videos and games, hear music via internet or via Joggler, and you can send 50 text messages per month to any mobile phones.

O2 Joogler will be released in UK store in April at 149,99 euros. There is no information about the charge of service per month or it’s free????? [Dandy Gadget Source]