Olasonic TW-D7WM(T) Walkman Egg Dock Speakers

The design is unique, shaped in egg form. The unique egg form helps Olasonic TW-D7WM (T) to spread the sounds to all over direction whilst also minimize the resonance with the house and the base. Thus, the gadget can serve you a pure, clear sound to your ears.

Equipping with dock station, the gadget doesn’t only stream your walkman musics but also charge it. You can use the gadget alone with your walkman or you can connect the dock station to your laptop or PC through USB interface. More, you can control the music using a remote control. On remote control, you can boost the bass of the music.

Olasonic TW-D7WM(T) speakers is expected to hit Japan in March 01, 2011 in 21,800 yen. The gadget is available in titanium silver color. Do you think the gadget can work well with Sony Ericsson W305 walkman smartphone? [Dandy Gadget Source]