Oregon Scientific MEEP! Android Tablet for Kids [AITF 2012]

I’m not sure what kind of materials that have been used for its case. Whatsoever the materials are, this Oregon Scientific MEEP! ensures worry-free use from being broken or scratched when accidentally or intentionally dropped by your kids, more, it comes with an enhanced rubber silicon sleeve.

I must apologize to you again, because I didn’t get yet the full specs of this device. All I knew, the MEEP! comes with a 7-inch touch screen, powered by Android OS, WiFi, internal G-Sensor, and memory card slot, USB port, a lot of fun apps and audio jack. As it’s too simple tablet, you will hate this tablet for sure, but your kids will say differently. Heeii, the colors are so cute.

Furthermore, this new tab gives the parental control feature. So, you can adjust the best programs and apps for your kids, directly through the tablet or remotely through any mobile devices with internet connection based on their age. This is a good device to incentive your kids to learn a new thing.

Unfortunately, there is no clear information yet about the MEEP!’s pricing and availability. Just ask Oregon Scientific about the detail of this tablet at AITF 2012, New York. See you there.