Panasonic F-S1XJ “no blade” tower fan

So compact and stylish-luxury appearance using premium aluminum material, this new Panasonic tower fan, F-S1XJ, is enable to be placed easily without consume a large of space and integrate seamlessly to any interior of your room or office.

Despite of its compact size with only 180mm diameter, the F-S1XJ offers an interesting airflow system – no blade, no wings. Utilizing “Fluidic elements” and “Nanoe” technologies, this new fan delivers pure air to your room without any moving mechanism to direct the airflow. The sucked air from the bottom is transferred to the 70mm diameter tower and spread gently through front mount, which the air blast power, up to 5 stages, and direction – 90 degrees left and right, can be controlled remotely.

Furthermore, according to the company, the installed “Nanoe” technology in main body can be used as ‘Nanoe’ generator for Winter season. And it’s a green device, it only consumes 3W-14W energy.

Panasonic-FS1XJ-fanThe release date and pricing
Fashioned in sliver-black round design with 180 x 180 x 950 mm dimension and 4.2kg mass, Panasonic F-S1XJ slim tower fan is going to hit Japanese market on May 20, 2013 for MSRP 6,500 Yen or around $64.99. Unfortunately, there is no clue whether this gadget will enter US market.