Panasonic HX-DC1 Upright Full HD Camcorder

If you say this gadget is HX-DC10, I don’t blame you. Because from all of its specs and design, both gadgets, Panasonic HX-DC10 and HX-DC1 camcorders are closely similar.

In short description, the HX-DC1 is the HX-DC10 without BSI sensor and only having 14MP still photo. However, this version gives you more option in color: white, dark drey and red. Based on Amazon UK, the gadget also has $100 cheaper than Hx-DC10.

Scheduled to hit US market along with HX-WA10 and HX-DC10, Panasonic HX-DC1 will be available in June 2011 at around $300 (based on Amazon UK). If money is your problem, HX-DC1 is the cheapest among other new Panasonic upright camcorders. [Dandy Gadget Source]