PC-Doctor Service Center 7 PC Repair Kit

This Dandy Gadget: Having trouble with my computer is the one that I try to avoid to happen. But, still it will happen right. it is only a matter of time. To find what the real problem is, it’s quite difficult with out tools.  One of the tools is PC-Doctor Service Center 7 PC Repair Kit, if you are a technician, or want to.

This PC-Doctor Service Center 7 PC Repair Kit delivers new and faster PC diagnostics, more advanced test scripting, a significantly improved POST card for systems that won’t boot, a drive-erase tool, and the ability to take detailed snapshots of the system under test to clearly show all changes made. It also completed with more than 300 PC diagnostics, including high-level diagnostics for testing hardware and advanced drivers within the Windows operating system, and bootable computer diagnostics for low-level, direct testing of hardware, and for use when Windows will not boot.

In addition, in box PC-Doctor includes a diagnostic CD, optical media for testing CD and DVD, a multi purpose USA, parallel, serial, USB and Ethernet loopback adapters, the newly designed PCI POST card, a power supply tester, manual, a canvas case. the price of this gadget is $399. [Dandy Gadget Source]