Philips Prestigo Universal Remote Control – SRU8008

This Dandy Gadget: Confusing to find your remote among your other remotes? This will often occur when we have large number of gadgets with different remote on each of them. Now simplifying your problem, by having a SRU8008 universal remote, the new gadget from Philips to bring simplicity to your living room. SRU8008 can control up to 8 gadgets of yours.

The SRU8008 has normal buttons which are all responsive and have a satisfying feel to them, but also a rotating controller to use in conjunction with the LCD display. This rotating control also acts as a four-way controller and OK button.

Moreover, it also provides you with easy setup. The remote guides you through the process with the help of the screen, rather than having to rely on codes. You select the manufacturer and type of device, then the remote cycles through the codes it has until you get a response. You can then test the more advanced functions to ensure you have the right settings for your particular device.

Other things, the SRU8008 also serves you with interesting feature, adding your shortcut to your program gadgets. it will save your time and energy to push much buttons.
Compatibility…umm. SRU8008, according to Philips, supports a huge number of manufacturers, from the common to the obscure.

Having elegant looking with ergonomic design, and better quality than many remotes shipped out these days, it could turn your mind to have it????? why you must be troubled by many remotes if one remote is enough. One for All, All for One. The price is $84.99