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With use of social media sites such as Facebook gaining popularity everyday, more and more people are using the internet for relaxing in their spare time. Another popular pastime online is playing browser based games. These types of games don’t require any software downloads or a overly powerful computer to play. is new website that offers its members a platform for them to chose from a wide range of web browser based games. Memberships are free and very easy to sign up for on the website.

Playberry-popular-gamesThe Play Berry Website
The people at Play have setup an easy to navigate website that is dedicated solely to browser based games. These games are categorized into eight separate sections and each has a different number of games. These games have been selected by the Play Berry based on what they think users would like to play.

They included most of the popular types of games from the following categories; Action, Adventure, Driving, Multiplayer, Puzzle, Shooting, Sports, Strategy. Some of the cool games they have available are Mario ATV Skill, Zombie Express, 3D Rookie Cop, Go Kart 3D. Those were just a small sample of many games available.

My Final Thoughts
People these days spend many hours a day online and social media fills up a large part of that time. The creators of, the social gaming website, found themselves a great little niche.

They combined the social aspects of a community, which is one of the fast growing segment on the internet.  Along with online games that can be easily accessed from any web browser. The website is really easy to navigate with how it is laid out.

The eight categories of games they have set up on their website includes all of the most popular types of games. Under each of the categories you will find many easy to play games that don’t require any downloading time to play.

Joining in on the fun could not be easier, all you need to do is click on the register button and fill in a few boxes. Once you are registered you can start looking at the games and when you find one that you like. Just click on the game and it loads and gives you a brief explanation on how it is played.

If this sounds interesting, just click the link and it will take you to the website.Playberry