Polaroid FunShooter FS73 Camera [CES 2010]

This Dandy Gadget: This camera is simple, but fun enough if you want to have a single-use camera. Polaroid FunShooter FS73 camera from Concord Keystone Trading will dance at upcoming CES 2010, Las Vegas with beautiful playful colors, blue sky and silver color.

Although a simple camera, this gadget contains an optical viewfinder and a built-in flash with autofocus. It means you don’t need to worry to take a shoot at low light condition. More, the manual on/of flash button able continuous charging flash, picture after picture.

Poloraid FunShooter FS73 camera will be available at $6 for 27 exp. single pack in February 2010 with preloded 1xAAA battery and high quality color film. See at CES 2010.