PowerA Batarang Wireless Gaming Controller, For PS3 or XBox Devices!

Batarang, one of Batman weapon, a shuriken of the night hero, is coming to your PS3 and XBox games from PowerA. Fashioned with Batman Logo, 7 different LED illumination colors on action button, and comfort rubber grips, the Batarang controller assists you in killing every enemy in your game.

Plus, when you are playing your game, and a thief is coming into your room, you can trow this PowerA Batarang controller to his critical point like what Batman did. I just kid you (but you should try this if you have a chance). It’s a must gaming gadget for Batman fans.

Cute design, with comfortable handle, the PowerA Batarang controller is expected to be available at North American in October 18,2011 for $49.99. Ready to kick your enemies! [Dandy Gadget Source]