Samsung Smart One AF315 Full HD 3D AIO PC

Put it at your kitchen or your living room or others room, the new Samsung All-In-One PC, Smart One AF315, will show the stylish and beauty of the tech. It’s an ornament in a computer form (do you think so?).

Why do I need to buy an AIO PC not a tablet? Does the tablet have a 3D TV turner? Surely the answer is no. The Samsung Smart One AF315 is featuring a 3D TV turner. More, it brings others thing on it, an Intel Core i5 processor, a Blu-ray drive, a 1TB storage, USB 3.0 port, and a big screen 23-inch full HD 3D display. It promises you a powerful performance. Coupled with 3D SRS sound and 11mm bezel design, the gadget delivers complete thing to entertain you.

Furthermore, the Smart One AF315 AIO PC is coming with a smartcharge and 2D-3D switch button. Hence, you enable to charge your smartphone through USB port  although the computer is in off condition and change the display of your 3D image to 2D back and forth simply by push that switch.

With 2.19 million won or $2,000.99, you will have a Samsung Smart One AF315 with a 3D glasses, wireless keyboard and mouse. unfortunately it’s only available in Korean market now. Soon to US market, I guess. Happy waiting [Dandy Gadget Source]