See Your 3D TV Programs Directly From Your Projector! LG CFDAT 3D Premium Projector

If the 80-inch AQUOS TV, the world’s biggest TV, is not enough to ease your thirsty to what you called large on seeing your TV’s program.  LG unveiled a new 3D projector, CF3DAT, to show your 2D or 3D TV’s programs up to 200-inch display directly from the projector. No need a TV? You don’t have to, because it brings a built-in TV tuner inside.

Coming with 1,250 ANSI lumens in 3D mode and FPR display technology, your favorite programs are guaranteed to be display in clear near-life quality with Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution in both 2D and 3D mode. Moreover, the FPR display technology enables you for using LG’s polarized 3D glasses, according to LG that it will serve you more compared to shutter-type 3D glasses as well as more affordable.

I’m not sure you are interested or not, but you must wait until first half of 2012 to see this new cinema 3d projector at your local stores. Badly more, the non-Korean version, CF3DAA, is not having a built-in TV turner. We might find more about this new projector at upcoming CES 2012. Did I mention 2D to 3D conversion engine? [Dandy Gadget Source]