Siano Meron Mobile TV Tuner, Watching TV for Free!

I have seen ton of Chinese mobile phones having a built-in TV tuner. However, it’s still a rare thing to see that in iOS or Android devices. I’m not sure what the problem is, but It could be a good thing, if they extend their ability to relay TV programs into, right?

Siano-Meron-mobile-tv-tuner-ces-2013-front-center-dandy-gadget-home-entertainmentsIf you want to break that burden, Siano has a great tool for you, Meron, a mobile TV tuner. By creating its own WiFi network, this new gadget will communicate to your iOS or Android devices through Siano TV app and scanning TV channels around. It’s a very simple and easy to be used. You don’t have to pay air time or internet as it doesn’t utilize any internet or telephony services. It’s just a mobile TV tuner, it’s absolutely free, zero penny, for watching live TV on your iPad or iPhone, or Android smartphone and tablet.

In the case, you want to watch Live TV while you are doing a mountain camp and the received signal is too weak, the package is including a big antenna to solve the problem. In addition, it also comes with a beautiful carry case and USB port for recharging. As note, this gadget only can stand for 3 hours.

Siano-Meron-mobile-tv-tuner-ces-2013-tv-program-dandy-gadget-home-entertainmentsThe release date and pricing
Siano Meron mobile TV tuner is going to shown at CES 2013. There is no information yet about its pricing, but it will be available soon in 2013. Unfortunately, as this dandy gadget only supports DVB-T and ISDB-T 1seg, it means it doesn’t work in US, or other countries with ATSC standard, too bad?