SmithMicro Poser Pro 2010 3D Software

This Dandy Gadget: Want to create your own 3D character in easy way? SmithMicro unveiled a new version of its Poser Pro, Poser Pro 2010 3D software which is containing over 2.5GB of ready-to-use content such as as pre-rigged, fully textured 3D characters. It will help you to quickly turn complex ideas into three-dimensional reality with plenty of resources.

In addition, this new application has the ability to integrate characters within other popular applications such as 3DS Max, Maya and Cinema 4D using the industry-standard COLLADA. It means your character can be used in multiple application, offering you to save your time.

Another good news, you can upgrade your early version of Poser Pro, it only cost you $199.99. For a new user of Poser Pro, SmithMicro set its Poser Pro 2010 at MSRP $499.99. There are much of new features inside, surely it will serve you well in your 3D design. Avatar characters, no problem [Dandy Gadget Source]