Sony CLM-V55 Clip-on LCD Monitor

Made for making a good collaboration with your Interchangeable Lens Digital camera, Sony unveiled a new clip-on monitor, CLM-V55 which is designed with clip-on screen that can tilt and swivel to any angle for comfortable framing in any position. It’s making you possible to see your self when you are taking your own photos.

For using Sony CLM-V55 you don’t need to do much effort. Just need to connect the gadget to your Interchangeable Lens Digital cameras and compatible HD camcorders via the supplied adaptor that features an auto-lock shooting. Completed with pro-style features such as a color peaking function, an intuitive control wheel and pixel magnification mode assists with accurate focus confirmation, those help you to shoot in high-quality HD video through its WVGA (800 x 480) 5-inches LCD panel.

Someday I want to bring a230 camera that already embedded with this clip to shoot my favorite “Lauren Conrad”. Do I have a chance? By the way, Sony CLM-V55 Clip-on Monitor will be available in March 2011. No information about its pricing yet.  [Dandy Gadget Source]