Sony CP-A2LS Smartphone Charger, Make It Simple!

While you are ongoing, probably the most troubled some is your Smartphone out of battery. That is not a small problem anymore when you are on a place with electricity hard to find or you are still on your car. Here, new Sony Smartphone charger, CP-A2LS, offers you a solution with two USB port for charging two Smartphone at the same time.

Before you go for a long trip, just do not forget to charge your Smartphone and this new charger. This new Sony portable power supply charger is bringing a 4000mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery that needs 6 hours to get into full condition, just see the LED alert. With compact-light design, you could slip this device into your bag or your pocket easily.

Compatible with most Smartphone such Sony Ericsson Xperia, iPhone, and others micro-USB-enable device, it allows you to charge your Smartphone up to 120 minutes or 2 hours long. You do not have to worry about how to operate this device. You just need to push USB Out On/Off button, when it is on, the device will deliver its power to your Smartphone. It simplifies your need on charging your Smartphone.

Fashioned in white color finish, new Sony CP-A2LS portable power supply charger is going to hit market next month, November 2011. I am not so sure how much this gadget costs you, but it will not so expensive, I think, right? Simplify Your Life, Bro![Dandy Gadget Source]