Sony Ericsson MS430 Tube Speaker — Sexy, Unique and Dandy

A new external speaker from Sony Ericsson, Media Speaker Stand which is also called MS430 officially have been announced. Sexy, unique, dandy, and compact in design that what I can say about this device. Rarely we see the external speaker in a tube form. Thus, it will make your smartphone feels more confidence to sing a song for you. Sony Ericsson, you get my applause, bravo.

The MS430 is housed by aluminum and using 3 AAA batteries. Dressed in only 110.25mm long and 67g weight, you can put it in your pocket for your on-the-go. But remember to carry a lot of AAA batteries, no charge option for this device.

Sony Ericsson MS430 speaker is compatible with all cellulars which have 3.5mm jack port. The pricing and the launching are still in the cloud. Just wait [Dandy Gadget Source]